OFBiz Tutorial – Google Instant and Enterprise eCommerce

OFBiz tutorial offering insight into “Google Instant” and what it means for eCommere. HotWax Systems is an Enterprise eCommerce and ERP provider specializing in the Apache OFBiz platform.

Google Instant is Google’s latest innovation to their wildly popular web browser. Users in the US, Western Europe and Russia now have access to this new search tool. The way Google Instant works is by updating search results in real time. For instance if you are searching for “used pickups California”, you will begin getting results immediately that update with each keystroke and no need to hit the search or enter button. There is also a geographic component to Google Instant so depending on where you are, searches may vary.

The purpose of this is to streamline the users search experience, removing the tedium and creating a more exploratory atmosphere. CNET reviewer Tom Krazit describes Google Instant in the following way; “Instead of search as an outcome, Google is trying to get people to think of search as a process in which you constantly refine your query without actually ’searching,’ or hitting the button to produce a concrete result.”

Of course, Google has been quick to point out via its Webmaster’s Blog that Google Instant has not altered the search ranking process, and could have the effect of increasing the overall number of search impressions because of the relative ease of obtaining a search result in the new platform.

One impact that may be felt is is user distraction. Customers who might enter a full search query may have their attention drawn away at the beginning of a phrase toward something that may look relevant. This may lead users down a search path that they may have never otherwise embarked on and, worst case scenario, away from your site (which is really where they want to be of course). The more intricate the search phrase, the bigger this problem will become. Could this be the beginning of a mad grab for dominance in one word search queries? This may create significant problems for small companies with DIY SEO projects who can’t compete with large companies that have dominance over generic keywords.

As I mentioned above, this may change the way seo campaigns are run. Along with trying to dominate single word searches, companies could also attempt to dominate single letter searches, partial word searches, etc. This places another axis on the graph of search engine ranking. What up until now has been a vertical ranking system now has an element of time introduced. For instance, your company sells birds and you are number one organically under “birds” on Google. Now a competitor comes along and becomes number one under “bir” or just “bi”. This could distract your potential customer because why type 3 more letters when I’ve got a result right here?

No one knows for sure how this will impact web site traffic, at this point we can only speculate. It would be wise to closely measure your sites metrics in the coming weeks though. Strategies may need to be changed and some great opportunities may arise as well.

Enterprise eCommerce websites designed by HotWax Systems with Apache OFBiz will ensure that once you have your website in your potential customers path, they will like what they see. Contact us today to find out more about what we offer.


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